Poet’s Mind

New Barista Michele chose this piece for Pay It Forward Thursday

Dark Soul

Someone once asked me why i love poetry
And i said
“Poetry is much more than a bunch of words jumbled up together to create meaning
Its a song to the deaf
A light to the blind
And wings to us all
With which we sail to the clouds searching for deeper understanding in a shallow pond of rhyme
Looking forth at a world made of emotion
A sea of love that burns with hate at the touch of a finger
A raging storm filled with confusion that creates order wherever it goes
See poetry is a like a never ending roller coaster
With it’s highs and lows and sharp turns left,right and centre that only makes sense when one lets go of the fear and stares danger right in the eyes
For in getting lost are we found
In drowning do we breathe
And in death do we live.”

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