Lone Wolf

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Couch Talks, Wisdom & A Cup of Joe


Old life I left behind.
Naive — I am no more.
Before I had these paws,
I lived by human laws.
I’d hunt for acceptance.
Ran with the pack I did.
Howling for their causes.
Now, I howl for my own.

In woods, I roam alone.
Wind whispers old wisdom,
while leaves follow her voice.
This world is home by choice.
Here, I can don a coat
I grew from beaten flesh.
Tree branches point to paths
marked by paw prints of past

lone wolves, like me, who passed.
And, so, I follow them —
embarking on journeys
where their howls can be heard
guiding me through the trees,
like ghosts of ancient times
leading me to the moon,
so I can howl for them,

from hills, the lone wolf’s hymn.
The earth absorbs my prints,
as I roam to become
close with myself — be one.
My history in…

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