Why Was She So Mad at Me?

Welcome Dee Kelly to the Go Dog Go Café and Pay It Forward Thursday. I have been reading her blog long enough to see it transform from a journey of self-affirmation and growth following a divorce to a serial psychological thriller about a woman escaping a manipulative man who seemed to be “perfect” but turned out to be anything but perfect… Jump in anywhere… it is not being told in linear fashion, but the writing is more than solid and the suspense enough to keep you coming back for more. Welcome Dee!

— Stephen

Thriving Not Surviving

My heart soared as I reached the on-ramp with no further issues. Merging with traffic I was grateful for the perceived anonymity that came from being among the other vehicles on the road. Anxious to leave town I navigated to the passing lane and fell behind an older Toyota Tacoma going 10 over the limit.

I had never felt more alone than I did at that moment. No one even knew I was going away. I hadn’t spoken with any of my friends since the disastrous trip to the house by the river. Although I missed all of them, I longed to reach out to Lilly most, to hear her calm voice tell me everything was going to be okay.

Now that I was learning what Clay might be capable of my eyes were opening to who he really was instead of the man I had imagined. Maybe Lilly would…

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