The most beautiful shades of blue

Eric’s Pay It Forward pick for this week.

choices in error

He was vibrant and tender at the same time. There was some childlike charm about him but a maturity that surpassed most men I knew. While I am quietly drawn to the ones with a little weathering, he was weathered in places that weren’t obvious. Since the first moment he gave that wink I knew I was living in the pause before his kiss.

But we couldn’t live in conjecture and we were killing each other riotously with all of our not touching. His eyes were dangerous, they wrapped my heart in thin metal as they clung to my body like a drenched sun dress. The halo on his head wasn’t broken, it had settled in for a long sleep, leaving him fair haired and fair skinned. His charm and wit touted laughter and applause but his gentle lived just under the surface. I listened deeper to see the colors of…

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