cerulean sky – Gina@Singledust


She wore a blue dress, the color of a cerulean sky

And sat in front of me, with eyes that asked why
I smiled and tried to speak but my words were too weak
She moved slowly, dissolving slightly, like a blue streak

I ached to learn the pain she carried within
Those that made her skin stretch paper thin
She wore a blue dress, the color of a cerulean sky
And left so suddenly before I could ask why

Standing at the intersection between red and green
I glimpsed a blue dress, she seemed so serene
I vowed to speak to her, my heart beat so fast
I begged her look at me, she just had to, she must

But the sun caught her attention, and she turned her face
She’s fluid like water and my pulse starts to race
It must be cold in that dress so blue,
Don’t pretend, I know it’s true
Tell me the secrets that you hold tight,
Share them with me let me make it all right

She wore a blue dress, the color of a cerulean sky
And stood next to me, with eyes that asked why
I hesitated and so she went on by
I never had the chance to ask why

Hope & Light


“trust your heart if the seas catch fire” – e.e cummings


13 thoughts on “cerulean sky – Gina@Singledust

    • thank you Jo! we get some amazing skies here and I am always looking up to catch a spectacular view, ironically i wrote this poem in the Nevada dessert! blue has such an impact on my psyche. so very happy you liked it.

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  1. Gina, a beautiful observation, insightful with a compassionate curiosity. Thank you for sharing Barista!

    Inside my blues, she sees sadness
    Yet dress up the clouds and they’d dance
    Tumbling down the sky with rain
    Until the heart restocked with love
    Began to thump, thump, thump
    Inside my blues, I see gladness
    My clouds dressed up and dancing
    I rain as I tumble down the sky
    My heart stocked with love, thump

    No idea how that connects… but call your self a prompter!!


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    • beautifully connected, clouds and rain dancing a tango, where gladness reigns with a restocked heart, what an amazing image! thank you Stephen this is such a warm response to my poem. I wanted that hoppeful, dreamy light feeling to surface from reading this, like a lighter than air feeling. you captured it perfectly.

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