Crazy Writing Thoughts… Prompts 8/13

First… what a great PYM this week: at this writing, 179 visits, 39 likes, and 127 comments, of which I think I counted 35 or so pieces of original work which means we are having a great conversation at the cafe… and I know I have only gotten to 5 of the originals and am eager to read through the remainder this week!  Keep it up, tell your friends, show up and share… this is THE place on Word Press to do it!

After the Special Edition of Crazy Writing Thoughts this weekend that announced our new Baristas, I return with the first installment of the post-summer-holiday Crazy Writing Thoughts.  Okay… so it wasn’t a ‘holiday’ per se, but time got properly prioritized and now time makes itself available for some of my madness, perhaps a little zaniness, and certainly some GDG Thoughts to start our week in the café.  If I return to Wooldridge’s poemcrazy where I left off, she was talking about words.  Words.  Hey!  Word Press, what’s the dealio with the elimination of the daily promptio?  Wooldridge recommends cutting out words and phrases from magazines (remember those?), sticking them to objects around the house and dive into absurdism.  GO FOR IT!

While you are all off doing that (I do recommend avoiding internet ‘zines, very, very messy and the pixels never stick well) I am going to have a word with Word Press.  People want their Daily Prompts!  And so the people shall have them… and a few others.  For the record, this will be the weekly forum where I introduce you to a few other places around WP where writers are gathering, or tables where words are being poured alongside coffee cups and so this week I offer a few Crazy Writing Prompts to fill the void…

Run by Dee, Kristian, Cyranny, Kate and Kira is Word of the Day Challenge: “Blogging from the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, our quartet worked hard to bring this alternative challenge, after the final breath of WordPress’ Daily Post.”

Over at Ragtag Daily Prompt (aka RDP) Sgeoil, Margaret21 at  From Pyrenees to Pennines, Curious Cat, Tracy at Reflections of an Untidy Mind, Steph of Curious Steph fame, Mary the Cactus Haiku, and Gizzylaw who is Talkin’ to Myself are “a ragtag collection of bloggers who weren’t ready to give up on the Daily Prompt when Word Press did.”

Now in her 83rd week, Kelly aka Bikurgurl challenges us on Wednesday’s to write 100 words in response to a photo prompt.  I took these challenges up in SailorPoet, haven’t returned yet at Pointed Home, but might just yet.  They are fun!

About Me

Finally, Colleen Chesebro challenges us to write tanka poetry every Tuesday in an effort “to help budding poets learn how to write various forms of poetry.” Give it a go!

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Rules

Meet Author, Colleen Chesebro

Please visit these sites, follow them, take their challenges, and share your work… and please share recommended prompts in the comments below and I will advertise for them in the weeks ahead!  And don’t forget about our VERY OWN challenge on Tuesdays!

Looking forward to seeing you around this week: enjoy the great writing of our Baristas, take the challenges, pay it forward, and then sit down with Gina at the end of the week as she tells us about the week that was at the GDG!



11 thoughts on “Crazy Writing Thoughts… Prompts 8/13

  1. yes PYM is like exploding out of the screen this week! so good to read the amazing contributions.

    the daily word prompt was a good way for new bloggers to start their writing journey but it also gave us a sense of community, a place where we could read other’s thoughts on similar themes, these links are very useful for those who are getting started and also when we lack inspiration but want to write everyday as a discipline. thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am happy to share and encourage you to share other prompt sites with me for next week!

      Those early days the prompts really did help make connections and build community. That, afterall, is the heart of the GDG!

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  2. Wow! this post just turned on the light in my head. I post a weekly blog, and have for quite some time, giving others the opportunity to share a link to their post which I reblog it for them. In this same post, I recently started to feature a word of the week and I write a wacky poem using the word. Reena Saxena, and a couple of others have joined in by creating their own post using the featured word.

    Methinks I should rework my weekly post into more of a challenge, which may give it more spark!

    Btw, this week’s PYM had an awesome turnout!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This week’s PYM was epic! I don’t know how I can properly do the summaries with that kind of traffic, but it is a wonderful problem to have!

      I will pluck a link from your page and add it to next weeks crazy thoughts! We have barely scratched the surface of the prompts and I would love to host a word of the day thing, or something. Certainly we haven’t gotten nearly the traffic on that front as we do for PYM. I am hoping Beth’s prompt attracts some attention today… I did my job! Pretty happy with the results too. 🤓

      Liked by 1 person

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