An Evening to remember – Eugenia

I’m sharing a post that’s a bit different from the norm. Even though summer is starting to fade, sunsets will always remain a source of beauty. This post is just one example of excellent photography. If one takes the time to browse through this blog, there’s no doubt Norway is a beautiful country.

See Norway - Se Norge

På en kveldstur i Nord-Aurdal fanget jeg engang denne solnedgangen! Jeg har etter hvert fotografert tusenvis, men svært skjeldent noe i nærheten av denne –
Langt tilbake i tid er også formatet litt annerledes enn hva jeg ellers bruker idag, men fargene er unike!
On an evening stroll far into the mountains in ‘Northern Aurdal’, I managed to catch this sunset! As times go by, I’ve shot thousands of pictures from different sunsets, but rarely
something close to this! Being shot far back in time, the format is slightly different to what I normally use today, however, the colors are unique!

Compliments of SRB)
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