gasping for air – Gina@Singledust



starbust on Saturn’s ring

Parched dry skin
Aching from trying
Breath drawn in
Fingers finding
Slipping on acid rain
Missing comet’s tail
Mercury oozing
From slit wounds
Gasping for air
On Saturn’s rim
Falling from high
Caught captured
Moonlight night
Embraced in flight
Drizzle dripped
Warm honey ripped

Image from


Hope & Light


“trust your heart if the seas catch fire” – e.e cummings

15 thoughts on “gasping for air – Gina@Singledust

  1. Intense. That last line “warm honey ripped” as if something you can trust, that is comforting has been torn and destroyed from you or for some reason that effects the speaker deeply. As if her resting place has become chaos and that there’s no one she can trust now. A sensuous piece.

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    • you are amazing Mandibelle! it can be very scary to write and reveal more than we want to hide. but we chose our words and it cannot run from mirroring what we are feeling at that precise moment. You picked up on the loss of trust, that was the part that blew me away. thank you for always reading more than the words. love your analysis!

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