By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Her words
were honest
and true
for she wrote
about the things
she knew
the best,


She never
tried to hide
the blemishes
or the flaws
or the scars 

She leaves
it all in plain
for you
to see
and feel
and understand
if you can 

She writes
of fantasy
and reality
hopes and dreams
that are disappearing
and goals

Her words
are curved
with sharp
and often
cut deep
into a heart
and soul
and are
written in red
on the paper 

And as often
in the birth
of her poems 

she was left bleeding
but happy
for a new life
for her words 

Copyright © 2017  Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved 

For those of us who have left it all on the paper after writing the words they needed to share with the world! 

Inspired by a line in Doug Stanfield’s “I Want” on

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