diamonds off saturn – Gina@Singledust


He alone told me where it could be found
Traveling to a place that no one else knew
Falling like rainfall on an unknown surface
We would pick a diamond off Saturn’s face
He held the words to the questions I sought
Coloured rain on paper souls walking dead
Till the colours ran havoc and washed over
Grey, bluish dark hues settling like rivulets
Of pained veins and arid arteries no longer
Not red blood but a new liquid to burn and
Spark to ignite the cold dead hollowed soul

Hope & Light


“trust your heart if the seas catch fire” – e.e cummings


8 thoughts on “diamonds off saturn – Gina@Singledust

    • precisely! they just take on the shape they are poured into and create new compounds or substances, some real time mutation going too. the ring’s vibrations might contribute to that or just altering Saturn’s atmosphere. Lots to be explored, I am always fascinated with new theories. thank you for reading and I loved your comment.

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