What Now-Devereaux Frazier

They ask me what I’m to do now
As I look back upon my catastrophe
The decades of debacles finally completed
With one, final, fatal kiss of death
Upon the cheeks of virgin earth
All these years I have buried the beast
Underneath the guise of compassion
And contradiction to the establishment
Uprooting the fabric of continuity was easy
And now I see the dead at my feet
My father was useless to me, then and now
I was the receiver for his abuse and cowardice
And when I become wise I found him crooked
And dealt him as any who wished to be free
Tossed in the trash went his lies, his beliefs
There would be no resurrection
For his inconsiderate misconceptions
And even though I am happily rid of him
I still stare at their reflection every damn night
Each time I breathe I consider their damage
And the blood boils at the times wasted
So as the sun sets on a grateful universe
I glean the last light of my uneventful life
Then I cast myself from the pyre
Because I call that mercy
Nobody else deserves the blood
Of my wreck and woes
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