Sleep-Devereaux Frazier

I only want to sing you to sleep
With words I can neither understand
Or fully explain
They come from anywhere, everywhere
From boundless joy to bottomless pain
Feverish electricity to aimless wandering
Across pages, boundaries are crossed
Friendships made, lovers born
Of a new cloth, that of technological energies
When I leave my words, I do not feel empty
Rather fullness, in that I can reflect
Not upon everything that I’ve said
But everything I haven’t
The particles I leave out drive me insane
But some pieces just don’t fit the puzzle
I’ve wished upon many stars for the right one
To come into my life and give me a love
I’ve never had, and while it hasn’t come
I know some stars take millions of years
To bear light
In the meantime I continue to pursue
Everything life has in store for me
Hopefully, she’ll soon settle down and buy
Investing in a mind far ahead of its years
And a heart that’s been broken and bruised
But always pumping out excuses
That keep me going strong
Songs that sing me to sleep
With words I can understand
And explain to you

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