Harmony-Devereaux Frazier

untold stories
She doesn’t care about how I feel
I’m just someone else to fill the time
She always needs something filled these days
Her lips
Both of them
The adults know what I mean
I mean to say she’s devilishly adorable
And yet exhausting on everything I value
My mind, time, and well being
I’d dearly depart from my knuckle grip
On reality if I ever felt she was slipping away
But I want so much to be rid of her
Who am I kidding, I’m in love with her
She gives me peace, and a desire for dirty
Always teasing, so I keep working
My eyes on her, even with my head down below
She doesn’t give, only taking
And maybe my common sense as well
So young, so courageous, to fool a man as I
Taught well
Or experienced in the darkness
Possibly both
Or simply taking advantage of my craving
For the nape of her neck
And the sweat it cools when I’m near her
I forget every regret, and every ill thought
I want to consume every fiber of her being
Down to her blood type
And in her blood I find the rhythm of my own
As in harmony it streams forever
And ever

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