By Charles Robert Lindholm

Sometimes We Think We Know
But We Really Don’t
Because We Only Have
A Limited View
A Preconceived Idea
Or A Palette Of
Black And White

How Can You Know
What Is Wonderful
If You’ve Never Been
Brave Enough
Or Bold Enough
Or Childish Enough
To Try Something New
Or Different?

You Wouldn’t Understand
The Hub-Bub Or Passion
About Chocolate Or Sex
Until You Try It
And Then Funny Thing,
Once You’ve Tried It
You Miss It, When You
Don’t Have It

You Will Never Be Able
To Know Everything
You Need To Know
Or That You Don’t Know
So We Do The Best We Can

But Often What You Don’t Know
Is What Can Cost You Or Hurt You
In More Ways Than You Thought  Possible,
So How Do We Solve The Problem
Of Knowing?

Seek Wisdom
From Those You Trust
Who Have Learned What
You Haven’t Learned Yet

So Much Can Be Said About Writing
From The Scholars, Authors,  Poets, And Those
Who Achieved Fame And Success From Writing
But The Wise Thing Is To Eliminate
Everything That Doesn’t Pertain To Writing
And Then Focus On What’s Left

The Most Important Thing To
Learn About Writing Is
“Why Do You Want To Write”
After You Can Answer That Question
You Can Search For All The Other
Answers To All The Other Questions
About Writing

I Don’t Like “Rework” Or Trying
To Reinvent The Wheel
So I Will Leave You With
The Two Reasons
I Want To Write And Love To Write
As Expressed By Someone
Who Knows A Little Bit About
The Subject Of Writing

“Writing Isn’t About
Making Money, Getting Famous,
Getting Dates, Getting Laid
Or Making Friends.

In The End,
It’s About Enriching The Lives Of
Those Who Will Read Your Work,
And Enriching Your Own Life.
– Stephen King


Now That You Know What
Writing Isn’t
You Can Start Seeking
The Answers To The Other
Questions About Writing

At Least Now
You Know The Answer
To Why You Should Be

So Show Us And The World What You’ve Got!!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
7.12.2018 @ 1:30 p.m.

4 thoughts on “WHAT WRITING ISN’T

  1. Each writer has his/her own reason for writing – and it doesn’t necessarily have to match anyone else’s reason. Stephen King says he writes to enrich his own life and that of his readers. Some write to entertain. Some write to teach or inspire. Some do write for money, we can’t deny that! Knowing why you write helps that muse inside you know how to help you better, don’t you think? Why do you write, Chuck?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your poem Chuck!
    It’s so great trying new things is definitely must in life.

    Your words are poignant and true,
    Wait… are you trying to tell us something…
    You need chocolate and sex!!!
    I can send chocolate but you’re on your own for the other..


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