Speak to Me

speak to me

His hands

spoke to my body

languages skin understood

languages rare and all his own

soft words in soft places

lingering just a bit longer

ensuring their message clear

firm affirmations

in places begging for it

my reaction his pleasure

And when hands

finished their recitation

his tongue

began a soliloquy

so poetically forceful

my entire body shivered

in rapturous attention

every pulsing vein

aching for more

the power

inciting gasping moans

of appreciation

the erotic tone

incensing maddening delirium

the exquisite mastery

thrilling my innermost obsession

for a climax

leaving my hips applauding

my lungs breathless

my body drenched

my appetite for mind-blowing endings

completely sated


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda


Ph-Google Images

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