1. I wonder. Those of an “artistic” temperament can often be caught up in anxiety and search their entire lives. The seeker often seeks because he is unhappy and seeks better. While not “unhappy” I have often been “anxious”. Fearful perhaps. There is great value in beauty – in poetry, prose and all forms of art. My suspicion however is that such thoughts as are expressed in this excellent haiku my be as much a reflection of physiological as psychological factors.

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    • Really a great comment! I so agree with you. Sometimes creative types put off using their talents until they are retired, like me. If you have an interest in poetry and art here are a couple of suggestions that are really great – POEMCRAZY – FREEING YOUR LIFE WITH WORDS and DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN. Both of these are really great. You can check out the reviews on Amazon!
      Thanks for sharing this!!

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