Good Morning to Her

good morning 1

Gentle rustle

beneath soft, summer sheets

dawn barely opens eyes

tiny chirps sing prelude

to sensual music on the horizon

a strong hand leisurely slides

over feminine curved outline

her skin flushes

in tickles of morning

calling silently for more

manly warmth

spoons against her back

pressing desire

where delicate skin understands

legs barely part

access enough for dexterous fingers

willing and wanting to wander

he inches between thighs

anxious need to open her senses

ever so lightly

strokes admire silky folds

lyrical strumming

she moves to provocatively

he smiles in her feel

trails kisses along her neck

whispers naughties she craves

feels goosebumps erupt

fingers more determined

playing the most womanly of her

like a beloved instrument

easily gliding in all her paths

arousing ardent moans

sweet tune to his own incitement

pace builds

breaths beg for release

fingertips find the secret

and she cries her rebirth aloud

for the new day to hear


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda



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