Surrender to me forget the risk forget the rules let time stop get lost in me let my mysterious ways seduce your soul as they ravage your body with feminine prowess see my hands as magic ribbons tying every fantasy together as I unravel you feel my lips tell stories across your undiscovered lands then … Continue reading Surrender

I Knew My Invisibility- Candice Louisa Daquin

My Pay It Forward Thursday selection for the week is this beautifully heartbreaking piece by Candice Daquin on Sudden Denouement. It is part of a 14-piece collaboration that knocked my socks off.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

I knew my invisibility when
the lady next to my mother in the nursing ward
took me in her arms out of pity
for there was nobody there who cared
to rock a crying child , who was not wanted
by hedonists who erred in pregnancy

I knew my invisibility when
my mother tucked  bus ticket in her blouse
kissed me goodnight for the final time
explaining she needed to get out and breathe
did not remember to keep the door ajar
and the night vanquished me in her absence

I knew my invisibility when
my father silently resented single-parenting
did not pick me up outside the school gates
the boys in the projects threw stones and jeered
shouted “show me your stinking snatch, bitch”
until I learned to climb trees and wait and wait and wait

I knew my invisibility when
my grandfather told me to sit on his…

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