Breadcrumbs -Megha Sood

“There is no secret left in the fact that I am madly in love with you. My happiness glows on my face and my smile gives it away. I have tried hard but now I can’t do that anymore.”

–Sheila Johns

You left a trail for me to follow
little drops of love and passion
sprinkled here and their
on my soul
every time you touch me
and every time you make me whole
I was too naive to understand
I was too lost in your 
words laced with 
passion and desire
to know completely and for sure
that you left those
straight to your heart
those breadcrumbs for me to follow
I was too innocent to understand
that every time your fingertip
traces my curves
they are making a map 
on my soul
to find that hidden treasure
for me to look for it 
and to savor
for the time eternal
and every time those 
fireworks were lit inside me
brightening  the dark corners of my heart
I was too naive to understand
that you were leaving
breadcrumbs for my heart to follow.
I was too occupied to understand
 those sweet nothings
you whisper in my ear
those little notes of love
you scribble 
with your fleeting touch
is the serenade,
a love call,
for the hearts lost in this 
maddening life
I was too ignorant to understand
that those honey laced whispers
were the breadcrumbs 
for my heart to follow.
Your little breadcrumbs trace a path to my salvation
my soul’s eternal glow.
Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

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