PYM 5.21 Summary part Three

A low laptop battery and overdue time with kids leads me to a short summary today. Please enjoy a different look at the sea, some dark stories and poetry, and beautiful takes on love today!

L. Stevens at Every Day Strange Blog kicks things off today with the antipode of where Chuck began us yesterday. Instead of a blissful look out on to the sea, L invites us under where the dark currents lurk.

Jenoy of Merchant Writes Again has shared a dark and mysterious tale of suspense, at once intriguing and heart-wrenching with his short story, Death Sings Sometimes.

Alien Ideology shared an emotional poem that shows the layers of darkness that can consume thoughts with powerful, layered imagery.

Sona at Wods From Heart, Inc. shared one of her personal favorites titled “Do you? My love.” She tells us ‘It reflects the sweet and curious questions of a girl to her “special man”, whom she hasn’t met yet but loves to talk to in her mind. These are my words from heart and I hope you all will adore it as much as I do.’ I did!

Short Prose Fiction shared with us a beautiful love poem that feels almost mythological to me, as if on the surface it is about two lovers, but a deeper read tells of this sacred love tied to the earth and how the love we live our life with is retuned to Nature upon our death. Please enjoy “Sacred Love Poetry.”

8 thoughts on “PYM 5.21 Summary part Three

  1. A quality list of skilled poets/writers writing from their hearts with skill and potency. I was familiar with three of the five; the others were delightful new gifts to my feed. Thank you for sharing these!

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