PYM 5.21 Summary Part Two

Chuck takes us to the sea, we dream new dreams, we fall in love, we are disappointed by love, we free ourselves from toxic love all with some help. Enjoy today’s selections!

CHUCK! Our very own (un)reluctant poet, kicks if off today with a haiku straight to my heart. The original SailorPoet says yes to the allure of the Sea, always.

Paeans Unplugged shared another one straight to the heart. I mean, love and expectations… I’ll take a grilled cheese sandwich and a good pickle please. This one speaks truth and brings a good laugh.

Moumita De Sarkar from Perceptions Unplugged shares some reflections on living without house help in Singapore. An interesting topic. As an American, live in house help like many have in Singapore is an unusual thing for someone of my status, however, those that did hire someone to live in often had a wonderful addition to the family.

Dharkanien encourages those of us who are pursuing new dreams, alone or not, but often frightened. May we all stick together!

The Moonlight Reverie shared a very sweet love poem. How we can be alone in the moonlight, and yet holding the hand of a love that brings us to completion. Beautiful feelings.

And Christine, one of my favorite people on the planet, wraps it up this week with a post from Blood Into Ink that feels like a piece of her heart ripped out of her chest and left for us to read still throbbing on the page. Stunning as always, my dear friend.

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