PYM Summary 5.21 Part One

The first summary of the PYM 3.21 provides us with a wide array of subject matter that juxtaposes the many aspects of the human expereince, from the support of a friend daring to pursue her dream to the struggle with suicide; from the great beauty of humanity displayed in the Royal Wedding to a myth that should frighten young lovers; from an interesting riddle to the wisdom of a third grader. Please explore our first 6 guests in the Café this week!

Cyranny at Cyrrany’s Cove shared a little piece for a friend fulfilling her dream, and I couldn’t agree more. What a show of support that honors friendship and this wonderful Word Press community. Please enjoy, “You, Swan:”

You, Swan…

Jennifer Patino at Pretty Cool Dame complemented with art by Jean-Michel Basquiat her poem “You Really Should See This” whose opening lines are among the best I have read in a long time: “The lightning bugs living in my/ arms demand I write to you. A storm/ is swirling in my brain, & the/ smoky blue tourmaline sky looks/ like it desperately wants to cry.” Let those lines draw you in and then be engrossed in the powerful song she sings for us:

Poetry – “You Really Should See This”

Andrew Green, as an Englishman, more…. As an Englishman from Windsor… he could only write about one thing this week… the Royal Wedding. He captures the wonder and beauty of that occasion so well, a day we shouldn’t forget, not just for the celebration of two young lovers, but also for the beauty of humanity they showed us in this time of tragic divisions around the world.

Poem for the Royal Wedding

Nascent Ederren has shared an intriguing and dark myth of The Woman of the Clouds. Be careful young lovers where you seek your tryst.

Kevin at New Author On Line shares with us a curious poem that will be at once clear and at once offer you a riddle to solve of the headband left behind. Please enjoy “Having Her Headphones On” and let us know what you think.

Having Her Headphones On

I wrap up today’s review with Laura Routh of Owl in the Wood’s very first poem written in third grade. Shouldn’t we all recapture this wisdom of youth expressed in “The Leaves Are Falling Down?”

4 thoughts on “PYM Summary 5.21 Part One

  1. Thank you for the kind words, and the link 🙂

    But more than that, thank you for sharing these other wonderful posts… I loved them all!! A very eclectic, and interesting selection!

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