Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/28

Ms. Wooldridge writes about collecting words this week; keeping a small journal to write words down during boring meetings, making them up, collecting them from readings. An interesting idea, one I have occasionally tried but never with much consistency.

Once upon a time at a writing critique group, one of the members commented that choosing uncommon words distracted from the meaning of a poem, which resonated with me, but I find myself drawn to writers whose use of uncommon words force me to a dictionary to learn. Sometimes, word magnet poem games have an appeal; the idea of being constrained in one’s choices and still finding meaning in the stanzas that flow from the creative mind. Many Word Press writers use the word of the day prompt to drive their blogging thoughts. Some writers make up words. I include some links to some of the writers I have been reading lately to highlight several of these ideas.

Kevin shared this in the 3/14 PYM making up the word, yesternoon to great effect:
I Saw Flowers On My Way Through Yonder Woods Today

Diana, the Wandering Armadillo, sent me to a dictionary to look up sybaritic in this post:
The Feast

Dianna at Thriving not Surviving followed the Word Press word, archaic to the antiquted word, apricity, to express her fears and needs in this post:
Please Wrap Me in Your Warm Embrace

At my personal blog, I shared a Magnet Poetry surreal inspiration:
Word Magnet a Puzzle

So what are your thoughts about words? Do you collect them from your reading? Do you make them up? Do you like archaic words or uncommon words? Would you prefer common language? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/28

  1. Every time I come across a new word, I want to use it. I used to make a list of such words. But the resultant poems seemed contrived (like some that I write in response to the daily prompt). So I do try to use new words, only if they fit in with the whole picture.
    Refractreality often uses words that have me scurrying to a dictionary and this is a beautiful example of it.

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  3. I post a weekly blog and feature a word of the week. I like to select an unusual word and include its definition and synonyms in my post. Then I incorporate the word in what I term as my wacky poetry and/or my rant. I keep a Microsoft Word document for my collection of words and phrases. Currently, my document has 2,684 words.


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