PYM 3/14 Summary Part Five

I wrap up the PYM 3/14 Summaries with the first 5 posts, back to front. Here we make connections with a life spent at sea, finding our spiritual home in nature, wondering about about living in the moment and setting goals, plucking music to defeat the darkness, and the beginning of a wonderful new adventure. I hope you enjoyed this new feature at the GDG, thank you for the positive feedback. Looking forward to next week with 23 posts awaiting review. Tomorrow – a new Crazy Writing Thoughts. See you around and keep brewing.

Dharkanien at shared the first exciting step on a path to creating a You Tube channel and her excitement to pursue urban photography. The fear and hope that accompany the first steps of a new creative adventure surely speaks to all of us, so please take the time to visit her site, follow her and cheer her on!

paeansunplugged at shared a poem I can connect to, that feeling of loneliness that comes at sea, that is amplified when a loved one is lost, and in his case the memory of a challenging final moment. Please visit him to understand his experience and support him.

A Girl Who Writes of writes about the challenge we can face struggling between setting goals and living in the moment. Yet, in the end she says it best: “Live by what you feel is right, my dear friends. Live the moment, work for what you love, and learn. As much as you can. And love, forever.”

The Mad Puppeteer at shared a powerful ode to one man’s connection with Nature. A poem that speaks specifically to me, for it is in Nature where I seek and find my soul.

Freedom is an Open Road

Finally, wrapping up PYM 3/14 at the front, is Nascent Ederren at shares the power of a lingering note, a single pluck of a guitar string to help us overcome the darkness. A wonderful start and a wonderful finish to PYM 3/14.

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