Spoken Word Renga(s): Solving Lonely Winter Nights and Spring Responds to Winter Loneliness

Let’s take a short trip back in time…

My dear, Brave and Reckless friend, Christine has recorded the first mass-collab from the Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe. Gina has suggested that they be read together as one piece, so below the Soundcloud links of Christine is the combined piece. The list of stanza authors is below that along with links to the original prompts for the two separate strings.

I look forward to doing this again soon, already have several folks lined up and will welcome more – just post a note down in the comments below! One of the things I love the most about this poem is that it represents writers from: Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Australia, the UK, India, and the US. Next time, I would love to include more great people from more nations to this truly international collaboration!

Most importantly, though, thank you, Christine for your excellent readings.

Lonely winter nights
watching street lights cast shadows
—the world looks better

under a fresh blanket of white
a pure, stretched canvas
to paint stardust dreams
curled up under my grandmother’s quilt
sleeping dog breathing gently at my feet

And for tomorrow
thoughts of dancing snow angels
repel sleep’s shadow

Myriad colors
refracted in dream’s landscape
non shadows refined

Dawn unravels late
Snow built a world in silence
the outside feels like a room

– crossable. Those
dog-print steps, a march
carrying soft shadows; mud
quilt-stitch, a bark

Waiting inside winter bedrooms
Follow street lamps Snow Angel
Built from dream snow. Soon
Melts lonely ice shaved hearts
Lie together on snow mattress.

petals opened wide ~
beckoned in the morning dew ~
then blushed, satisfied

grass hang head
droplets glisten pearls
all around

new leaves on trees
dance in the wind
It’s Spring 🌸

wind carries sweet sound
like cherry blossoms soft cry
the heart keeps sighing

bees and butterflies
buzz and flutter about
kissing flowers on their route

Clouds cry raindrops
As birds sing their happy tunes
A zephyr caresses passing shadows.

angels melted from snow slip
between open pedals blushed
waiting for spring winds to warm
softness now drips melted snow
dreamed inside a bedroom alone

Above: a combined collaborative effort loosely based on Japanese poetry styles by Storyteller, Christine, Mr. D, Vanessa, Hana, Bronwyn, SailorPoet, Tanya, Sangbad, PS, Gina, Chuck, Fiona, SailorPoet (in order).

Starting prompt from storyteller can be found here: https://storiesto.wordpress.com/2017/05/06/haiku-12/




Hana and Bronwyn are poets and ex-pat friends here in Singapore; ex-patted from Germany and Australia, respectively.

Starting prompt from Tanya Cliff can be found here:





6 thoughts on “Spoken Word Renga(s): Solving Lonely Winter Nights and Spring Responds to Winter Loneliness

  1. I’m loving how this turned out. We need to try this again!! Christine – Are You trying out to replace SuperWoman??? You are a Whirlwind!! Thank You, Dear for all You do and more importantly what You are to this community, and to me! I so adore You doing audio!!! You know I’m such a fool for Your voice!!!

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