PYM 3/14 Summary Part Four

A good Saturday morning to all of you, next to last summary for PYM 3/14 and then on to PYM 3/21, and some wonderful work today. Doubts and hope linger this week, and a wonderful them emerges that I hope inspires all at the cafe. Doubt, fear, loneliness are part of the trade of writers; however, Eric shares what I hope is a theme of the GDG – we are all waiting here trying to catch you, we are all in the woods with you, we are all tending your gardens of flowers, we are the voice of hope that calls you out of your abyss, we are those who will wonder at the painting on your ceiling when it is blank no more. Keep writing, keep sharing, thank you all these wonderful posts.

Kevin at shared a poem that reflects on the beauty we see in flowers, but as the day’s turn we are left with doubt that they will last. Oh, and a wonderful new word: yesternoon. Chuck… will it inspire you like the backside of night?

I Saw Flowers On My Way Through Yonder Woods Today

The Moonlight Reverie at shared a poem about looking into the abyss, the last of hope barely holding on in questions that might yield the answer needed to look up from the abyss.

Kristian at shared two pieces with the GDG. A poem that calls the shy ones, the introverts to get out there and live without fear and sing! The short story speaks to the power that resides in the enslaved, those souls who are chosen and awaiting their redemption.

Matthew at wrote a powerful ode to the moon and imagination. Aside from the wonderful imagery and allegory of the moon, I am drawn to this line in particular: “The third option, the ceiling, is a blank canvas needing some form of imagination dripped upon it.” How many of us sit awake at night, torn by the clock that seems to taunt our inability to sleep, the mystery of the moon and stars, and the blank ceiling calling out to our imagination asking us to paint. A beautiful piece, and in a week of wonderful writing, it is one that speaks most powerfully to me.

Andrew in the UK at wrote about being lost in the forest, however, I beg to differ ever so slightly with him. He is not alone, we are all there with him, alone and yet not.

Lost in the forest

I conclude today’s review with our very own Eric at whose one line effort says everything we sometimes need to hear. We are not alone, there is someone out there trying to catch us, even if they don’t always succeed. They will still be there to pick us up. Thank you Eric.

EDC Shorts: Lines – Tried

7 thoughts on “PYM 3/14 Summary Part Four

  1. Hi Stephen – just catching up – I’ve been away all week in ‘Hardy Country’ Dorset, England, no WiFi and a transient mobile signal – bliss! You’ve been very busy – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through your
    4 summaries for the 14th May ‘Promote Yourself Monday’ – I try to read as many PYM’s as possible on the ‘day’ but dare say I miss a few or maybe don’t quite get the drift of one or two – so what you do with your encouraging and enlightening words so welcome and appreciated by me and all I’m sure. All the best. Eric.

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