PYM 3/14 Summary Part Three

Back to it, but first, I want to give a shout out to a very good friend who will go through his final chemo treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma tomorrow. His friendship was one that carried me over the past months; perhaps collectively, the good guests at the GDG could return the favor and say a prayer for J.R. as he fights the good fight needing a little love from around this wonderful creative world. Raise your cups for him and others who have battled, are battling, or are loving those who battle cancer.

Tonight, we have lots of love, a couple of kittens, a tease of a story, and the common/incommon insecurity both yogi’s and writer’s feel. Please go explore both our guests and baristas wonderful contributions!

Kunal Thankore at shared with us a beautiful love poem based on a beautiful Hindi song Lag Jaa Gale (Come, take me in your arms) reminding us to enjoy the moments we get with those we love the most, who allow us to bare the tender bits and allow us safety. (Don’t you love how the world comes together in this Café?) shared another beautiful love poem, this one a fantasy about time travelling lovers on heart pounding steads that endures thorns to find one another across centuries.

Our very own Eugenia at shared a, well, ADORABLE haiku. Cats, who doesn’t love cats? I suppose dog-people, but alas, even dogs would probably find cuteness in this poem.

Moumita De Sarkar at shared with us a familiar anxiety of any at their first yoga class. I guess even those practicing in Yoga’s native home have those awkward feelings we have here in the States!

Every Day Strange at showed us how sometimes flash fiction can tell us an amazing short story, or sometimes leave us begging for more of a story that will surely be amazing!

Finally, tonight, Ana Silva at perhaps the best named blog ever (yes, yes it does… courage and more chocolate, PLEASE!) shared with us how many writers struggle saying the words that feel like they are choking us, whether we keep them in or let them out.

13 thoughts on “PYM 3/14 Summary Part Three

  1. Prayers and lots of hugs going to J.R. May he gets through this without pain and lots of smiles around.
    Stephen, I really have to say this on behalf of everybody at GodogGO cafe what an amazing idea you have come up to introduce the guests and baristas pieces for the PYM. It adds that little twist and spice to everybody’s pieces and one could not stop from reading them. Bravo, Stephen!!

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