Poem: Free Verse – “Soulful and Sweet” #amwriting #poetry #GoDoGoCafe

Credit: Ol Klein via Unsplash

Soulful and sweet —

That’s what his eyes were like.

Shaded-black running shoes,

And faded jeans that fit snug;

He’s put together,

White shirt sleeves pushed up muscled forearms.

Eyes soulful and sweet; he caught mine.

I caught his; the train’s sway forgotten.

And conversation ambled,

As we sat in worn delusion.

He’s tired, warring with the need,

To let loose tonight.

He’s determined — has goals.

He’s been hurt; his eyes hollow-azure.

Soulful and sweet; the seducer beneath.

And I scramble for a card,

Afraid to ask for digits.

To imprint them in his phone.

But the opportunities gone,

And the pit of my stomach —

Aches and whirls.

Memories vague swirl —

The curve of his strong nose,

Cheeks shaven with stubble.

Blonde hair that curled up top.

Such a regret —

A waste of a gift.

For he’s soulful and sweet,

And I could’ve ridden all day,

For more of his words to engrave.

To rub my hands against his cheeks;

And brush my lips against his.

To tell him, ‘You’ll get through it.”

Eyes so blue, sparklers rare —

Igniting all over.

Soulful and sweet, my lips on his,

“Baby, it’s going to be fine.”

But, we’ve lost our time —

No lighting up the night;

Just regret and sorrow;

Soulful and sweet,

Oh, his eyes were pale,

Haunted and tired;

And I leave with the thought,

“I’d be his rebound.”

So, I’ve lost sight of him,

Never to meet twice;

Soulful and sweet,

Your memory burns deep.

©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

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