Hansel Returns

No PYM update tonight Baristas and Guests… that returns tomorrow… tonight… just a poem by me.

When the man found the house in the woods
It looked more fantastic then he remembered.
All his favorite candy decorated each gable
Gum drops and red-hots dotting the eaves
Sugar steam whistled out the chimney’s
Candy corn bricks and a sweet scent
Melted through the chocolate bar door
Between black licorice louvers he saw
A peanut butter brittle mosaic decorating
Caramel walls and was finally ready to sit
Down to indulge all his childhood fantasies.

That first bite Into candy hardened stale by seasons’
Comings and going since fantasy’s conception chipped
Teeth rotted on the long walk in the wilderness

In that very lucid moment,
He knew
The moral of the childhood fable

He sat down in mud he’d thought hot fudge
Grabbed a rock and thought of where to throw it first.
In his rage he wanted to shatter what
He did not want to recall later.

When blood stilled
He hummed the song of
The mockingbird
And shared in the laugh.

Image: Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1909

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