PYM 3/14 Summary Part Two

Tonight, continuing from back to front, 6 more posts from PYM 5/14. Lots of love of all types shared today, but also a little anxiety and a fairy tale back-story.

Chuck, our very own (not so) Reluctant Poet writes about a wonderful past summer love, times of bliss and passion and the moments of a shared love that bring back the best of memories with We Had Our Season.

Sparkling Sona from wordsfromheartinc shared a beautiful love poem about flying into the arms of her Love, a hero waiting for her with open arms. Read through the notes to discover a response poem written from the perspective of the hero by justloveyoursmile.

Kristiana at myscreamingtwenties takes an interesting turn on the Snow White story with the mirror answering the questions we ask to understand wby the evil queen might carry such sorrow in her heart.

Taranam at after30springs writes about the lapwing and how fear of transience can keep us inside the safety of our sacred spaces.

Our lovely Megha Sood from meghasworldsite gives us a lesson with Breaking Point about loving the self. I offer her opening quote as a summary: “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Finally, this evening, Jenoy Merchant at merchantwritesagain shares with us a wonderful post, his words say it best: “Today will be one of those days when even my coffee needs coffee. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Check out my post about the beauty of an angel that walks the earth—my mother. The post’s timing was perfect for the Daily Prompt, core which was posted on Sunday. I welcome all feedback, which you can leave in the post comments. I am also excited to see what amazing work I will stumble upon. Happy Blogging!”

8 thoughts on “PYM 3/14 Summary Part Two

  1. I love this review. Not only does it highlight posts we may have missed but the added narrative for each post is a nice gesture and sparks one’s interest in reading the piece. This is a plus for GDGC, IMO.

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