PYM 3/14 Summary Part One

Last week’s PYM saw 43 comments and, by my count, 30 original posts. Starting from back to front, please enjoy these “last” 6 posts. Each original work offering a unique perspective that can teach us, connect with us, remind us of things that matter most. I offer:

3/14/21 PYM Summary Part One (Back to Front)

Mia at Copper Cranes shared this powerful poem along with connected art that demands us to remember, lest in our forgetting the most base of humanity’s horror repeat, as it does, as it does, as it does.

Donna Matthews at djranch shared an excellent, empathetic piece about anxiety that offers some solace to those of us afflicted by this… umm… powerful foe..

Our very own Christine of Brave and Reckless and so many other wonderful projects that support, encourage, and inspire the artists within all of us shared a poem with us that speaks to the conflicts we all share with those who gave us our life. As always, heartfelt and powerful.

Mother’s Day

Also one of our own, Linda at Charmed Chaos writes of the ache of fading memories of first kisses and times of lover’s bliss.


Kat Seaholm has taken the A to Z blogging challenge and reminds us of the hero Samwise from The Lord of the Rings. Frodo may be our hero, but Sam is Frodo’s hero, and this speech reminds us that “by all rights, we shouldn’t be here” but we are. And it reminds us perhaps even in the darkest of times, perhaps those that Mia so powerfully writes about above, “That there is some good in the world worth fighting for.”

I conclude today’s wrap up with a sweet post from gizzylaw. A little bit of spring and puppies to close out the day. Please enjoy today’s wrap up of PYM 5-14. See you tomorrow!

Serenity (and a little laughter)

— Stephen

(Now… Stephen… what are the Crazy Writing Thoughts for the week?)

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