Naked-Megha Sood


It takes away all your inhibitions

strips down all your fears and 

scrubs away all the malice

and rubs that ever glowing concoction

of love and passion on you

to give you that ever glowing


that patina,

that is ageless and eternal

You cannot hide behind your facade

it will strip away your masks

and make you see the beautiful heart

you carry

and nurture within

it is your eternal mirror 

which reflects 

what no one can see

or can feel it either

it reflects you as YOU


washes away all your 

fears and inhibitions

it finally peels and strips

down the

piercing perceptions

embedded in your self 

for so long

and renders you pure

when love touches you deeply, my love

it leaves you naked.


Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Naked-Megha Sood

  1. Reblogged this on Rich Briere & Oakley's Ghost and commented:
    While it’s often said that “All Men are Created Equal”….. I, in part, Respectfully Disagree. While we my be BORN Equal there are those who soon reach for a TV Remote, Dial in “Survivor” or some Brain-Eating “Shoot ’em Up” American programming and are Quite Satisfied with what they see…..and then there are Others. … Thinkers. Dreamers. Those who Hope for a Better Life. 🎩 #quality #class #think

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