Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/21

Once again, as PYM wraps up for the week on the East Coast of the USA, 38 comments so far. Across the way, you will find the first wrap up post of last week’s PYM. I hope you seek it out and explore 6 of the fine pieces shared at the GDG. Over the course of the week, the remaining 24 posts will get a similar treatment, so don’t be alarmed if you shared and do not see your’s… it’s coming!

This week, Ms. Wooldridge implores us to get a journal. Really? Okay, fair enough, but does anyone reading this NOT have a journal? Perhaps we should simply go out and buy a journal and give it to a young writer who even hints at wanting to be a creative writer. A couple of days ago, a good friend mentioned that her daughter had expressed interest in creative writing. Sure, the fickle moods of a teenager might change next week, but on my shelf was the equally wonderful book by Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird. Delivered yesterday, it may not move from the table it got dropped on, but it might. If it does, it might inspire a young writer or at least water a seed that may someday become a… who knows, right?

Don’t we all wish we had someone who believed in us in those early days just enough to say… “Go for it!”

Perhaps this week, the challenge will be to dig into one of your old journals, maybe even one of your original journals, and find a nugget of writing that you might consider to be, well, shitty… share it, then take it and respond to it, see what you connect to from that early writing and write something new or rework it and share that new something too in PYM 3/28.

Or just share something you dig… and then find a friend who doubts whether or not they are a writer, get them a journal and tell them they are.

7 thoughts on “Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/21

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