Out of Time-Devereaux Frazier

I never meant to lie
Yet here I am, loving the bitter taste
Of thorns upon my tongue
And crimson pain dripping from our lives
I cannot put upon you the scourge
Beat me till I was weak and numb
The storm waits not for recovery
Breathing confounds and made a mess of me
I wonder why the sun shines upon us
Putting sin to our lips, our nostrils put out
Black smoke that poisons the multitudes
Crowning sins upon our wretched heads
As if we deserve the slightest acclaim
Lava flows out of our mighty mountains
And the oceans stir with a deep vengeance
Humanity is running out of time
Humanity is out of time

7 thoughts on “Out of Time-Devereaux Frazier

  1. D – powerful reflection on these times we live in where humanity seems to be more interested in drawing strength in its differences and fighting than in the power of our common plight on earth. May more wise words like yours be shared, and continue to be shared until final the voice of that common spirit is heard. — Stephen

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  2. Thank you, My Friend for sharing these moving and powerful words!!! The sinners ignore the words of the prophet at their peril! It seems humanity doesn’t really learn the lessons of history well when greed and power are involved. Love and compassion always seem to be collateral damage in the urge to satisfy self – Bravo, My Friend!!

    Thank you D for all your consistent support of my blog and your visits and views! I really appreciate you as a follower!!!!

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