den of evil

She watches

his eyes dance

prompted by the invitation

to enter her den of evil

where role play

ignites fires

unseen and un-flamed before

where bodies confess and act

upon lewd, unspoken appetites

where he can be

a figment of imagination

a man no one else

will ever know


he inhales…

breath of new freedom

and relentless excitement

as her killer eyes

beg him




(Revised poem I wrote a few years ago)


8 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Beth – I read your poems and always pause first before responding, because, well… the first response is one much like EDC’s spilt tea. Wow. As always, you convey this essential humanity that exists between two lovers, a sensual, passionate connection that is at once about power, but equally about the tenderness that power can be used for the pleasure of another. Wonderful… as always. — Stephen

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