Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/14

As Promote Yourself Monday draws to a close on the East Coast of the USA, we have had 38 “comments” (at the time of writing) and yet another exciting Monday with great writers visiting the cafe.  The Baristas have convened and opted to not pick a “favorite” and over the course of this week, I will be working on a venue to showcase the writing shared with us.  Tonight, let me offer some thoughts to consider for your writing week. Perhaps these thoughts will guide the writing that you contribute in next week’s PYM!

My weekly thoughts will be guided by a book recommended to me by Mr. Davy D at, a good friend and excellent poet and one of our founding Baristas. I encourage you to head over to England with him and enjoy some of the finest writing from one of the most supportive and thoughtful writers in the Word Press community. His recommendation: poemcrazy “freeing your life with words” by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge. I suspect many of you have read this book, but those who have not, pick up a copy, new or used, and join me on this new weekly feature… “Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week.”

This week, Ms. Wooldridge instructs us about poem walks and I am immediately reminded of Paterson, a movie recommended to me by a dear friend who writes at I find myself sharing this movie with anyone who asks me about writing. It quickly chases Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet as a definition of what it means to be a writer, to live an introspective life of observance, peaceful solitude, and words.

Why write? Well, because I must, thank you Mr. Rilke. Why write? Well, because as I walk down my beach or on my streets or in the woods, all my senses pick up details that trigger nerve endings connected to memories and emotions and poetry. The simplest image can open me up to a complexity of emotion or a memory I did not know existed in my brain and/or heart and/or soul, depending on where you believe these things reside.

More often than not, the image grows into a painting, a surrealistic portrait or a impressionistic landscape that only exists inside my imagination. This is meditation, the spiritual presence of awareness not just of a that moment, but of the totality of existence in that moment. No experience matches this intensity or can absorb the soul with such totality. It is the Poet’s Reward.

More often than not, I have learned something about myself, but when the courage comes to share that tender bit of me, that cryptic lesson with others the real reward emerges from the Reader. They discover something new in the words and transform my words into their own and a poem comes alive. Poetry shared is no longer the author’s, but the reader’s and the world’s; the True Reward of Poetry and the most amazing product of the poem walk. The creation of a thing out of the details we observe, a child of life in the world readers breathe life into.

Get out there Poets and walk this week! Share with us at the GO Dog GO what you observe, what you create, your tender bits, the children you wish us to breathe life into.

See you next Monday!


image: me… a giant wish maker watches the sunset, 2018

14 thoughts on “Crazy Writing Thoughts for the Week 5/14

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  2. Thank you so much for the mention and link up. Poemcrazy is one of the best books on writing I have read. It is down to earth, practical and minus all the pomp and ceremony a lot of how to write poetry books contain. Walking, Poemcrazy and writing poetry. What a combination Stephen.

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  3. Reblogged this on BrewNSpew and commented:

    Check out the new change for Promote Yourself Mondays at Go Dog Go Cafe and also the book recommendation Poemcrazy – Freeing Your Life With Words. This is a great book for any poet to read!

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