Poem: Free Verse – “Kites in Flock” #amwriting #poetry #GoDogGoCafe

Credit: Chad Madden via UnSplash

I tore transparent tissue wings,

Yanked out the pincer blade;

A kite easing far off and free.

I had to isolate, hang on by threads.

I’m not who I was,

I burned outside the fire’s ring —

And you cannot alter time;

What happened, happened.

Understand — I had to let go, to resign,

Yet, your kindness flourished.

You’re the reason I woke determined,

Despite a fractured spirit.

You’re the reasons I’m not shattered,

Beneath plush covers of down.

Some time in-between,

My embers began glowing — they relit.

Yet, I’m not who I was —

I’m the delicate kite relaunching,

But, I let your strings slip; I had to survive.

I wasn’t enough — it berates, and it grits.

I’m who I was, but I’m never her again;

Still we’re connected live wires.

For a while unlit mere cinders,

And here in the ring of fire, I burn with you too.

Even in those times, distorted and pitch;

It’s okay — I can handle the grim night.

I understand pain, the depth of suffering;

Everyone has their burdens.

And all I desire is our hands holding tight.

Protecting each other from fright,

As we did in our youthful blaze,

Let us remain a chain unbroken.

And I can’t explain what disease has wracked,

Altering my perception of life.

But then, many awake —

Their tomorrows forever changed;

The paths of their heart-lines severed.

But then cleansing winds soothe the hurt,

On a ruptured highway redemption’s constructed.

A winding road warped, but we still keep stumbling,

What else can we do?

Strive-on despite being singed.

And at times, we must let go to be carried.

So, we are linked, our synergy combined;

And I cannot help my flaws, but I have you all —

That is my joy.

My burdens exhaust me,

Yours destroy you too.

Kites that drift listless and separate,

Yet, you support me —you tether me;

As powerful forces snap at my string.

Life it moves on and my words are trapped,

They can’t explain my whole, my ‘why.’

Sometimes I’m weightless, frantic,

But you pull my cord as we lift each other up.

You keep me afloat,

We are kites flying as flocks.

And at times, my heart splits,

The conversation sifts;

Everything you can do — out of my reach.

I’m empathic, I understand — I’m envious;

And it’s paper-cuts that spill blood most.

My spirit divided, self-reliant,

As we clasp our pinkies in harsh storms.

I hang on to your strings sealed, and solid;

These bonds forged in youth, the past’s shadows gone.

and Sometimes I’m alone;

I can’t find my strength,

Wishing for sensation, the grace of flight — a flash of silver.

Not wanting to explain,

Wanting to be me — easy and free.

But you peer behind my layers; you don’t label me.

You see past my weakness.

So, let us be as bells that trill forging their echoes.

Covering the wash-of-white in paints’ glorious ‘vivre’ —

Let’s fly as kites into sunbeams across cerulean dreams.

Wind whipping, glorious —

Wild flowers diverse as the color-wheel.

Let’s live in radiance, in youth’s brilliance not forgotten.

Let’s inhale the passion of a life well-lived in technicolor’s might;

The future’s possibilities blossom,

Not lost in aching hopes.

Our combined strengths bridging unto eternity,

Hands locked forever tight.

©Mandibell16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

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