Barista Favorite: Rapunzel Awakens the Rose/Allie Nelson

The Baristas have chosen their favorite piece of writing from the April 12th Pay It Forward Thursday at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  We are honored to share Rapunzel Awakens the Rose by Allie Nelson at Dances with Tricksters We highly encourage you to visit and read more of Allie’s writing.



Sleeping Beauty has hair of roses, violet slumber
in an ivy tower encastled with cool granite, the
princess dreams of dragons and sword fights, some
penitent knight making a pilgrimage to her bedside
to kiss the princess of clouds and honey awake, but
instead of a gentleman caller amongst the briars,
in on a dappled horse comes riding a golden maid,
as the sun rises over the enchanted forest, Rapunzel
of the long-flowing locks loops her braid around the
windowsill, climbs with sinew and muscle in a pink
dress up to Sleeping Beauty’s bower, and Rapunzel
lowers orchid lips to that of her bosom beloveds –
a kiss is just a kiss, as time goes by, after all,
and who better to awaken a cursed girl than one that
forged her way out of yet another witch’s tower?
And so redhead and blonde go riding off into the
dawn, on steeds brave as cursed girls, off to save
all princesses and peasant maidens who took golden
balls, kissed frogs, married beasts, and ate moons.

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