Guest Barista: Kevin Morris/Oft of a summer’s day

Kevin Morris

Oft of a summer’s day

Have I turned away

To write.

I shall go out tomorrow

And forget my words

In the singing of birds.


But when night

Falls, I shall return what I borrow

From my ever present friend

Old Father Time

And my brief rhyme

Shall reach it’s end.

Kevin Morris was born in Liverpool (UK) on 6 January 1969.
Having graduated with a BA (joint hons) in history and politics and a
MA in political theory, from University College of Swansea, Kevin
moved to London where he now lives and works.

Kevin began writing poetry in 2012. Being blind he uses a standard
Windows computer with a screen reader called Jaws, which transcribes
print into speech and braille.

Kevin blogs at, where many of his poems can be
found, together with links to his published works.

9 thoughts on “Guest Barista: Kevin Morris/Oft of a summer’s day

  1. Thank you very much for being our Guest today, Kevin, and for sharing such an excellent poem that feels connected to some of the finest poems written, just has a great feel to it. Wonderful that you stopped by! Frequent us often – Stephen

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