Under The Willow

Under the willow we lay
on a hot summer’s day
a blanket spread on dark damp loam.

Cicadas chirrup their hypnotic song
the air, ripe with a heaviness
as a melon cools in the creek
sweet succulent delight
in this oppressing heat.


As we lay, the sounds of nature
teeming all around
a breeze sweeps under the willow
lifting my floral dress, a glimpse
of white lace panties
and my tanned thighs
tempting your lusty eyes.


You brush damp curls from my face
and kiss my inviting lips
running your hands down my dress,
seeking my voluptuous hips.


The shock of your roughened hands
caressing the dampness between my thighs
I pause with a shock of surprise when
your urgent search sends me reeling
as you’ve found my place of delight.


As I whimper and moan,
you pursue your imminent quest
until you get what you want from me
my hidden soul laid open and bare
as my hunger and craving fills the air.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

7 thoughts on “Under The Willow

  1. Linda, what a blissful read that takes us right to the succulence of summer when the warm air stirs our hearts and sends a charge through the body. The mood of this poem perfects that charged feeling we have all felt when our senses are surrounded by nature and we feel deeply connected to another person, that connection which links to something in our soul. Just beautiful. — Stephen

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