Between-Megha Sood


madi-robson-113922-unsplashBetween the spaces of my heartbeats
I have knitted you a home
Come sit and feel cozy
nestled deep in the 
embrace of my 
oozing with the overflowing love
that elixir
gushing out of 
every single pore of my self
dripping from the fingertips
Come, get washed up in the
fountain of sweet milk and honey
and rejuvenate 
deeply to the core,
Between the curve of my smile
I have knitted you a home
where you get imbued with the
warmth of my pure smile
and get soaked in the
beaming light of moonlight
which will drench your
soul in its reverie,
Between the 
spaces of my fingers
I have knitted you a home
a safe space
where you can 
lay languid
your soul intertwined with me
and seeking sustenance in each other
Those fingers wrapped around each other
weave an untold story
of passion and love in its entirety,
Between the pores of my body
I have knitted a home for you
where you can rest 
with your marred and crestfallen soul
chasing that shiny mirage
you called life
and its sobriety,
Between the teardrop
falling off my face
I have knitted a home for you 
my love
a single drop of it
can resurrect your 
dreary soul
from the pain
which is tearing you apart
Sip and get intoxicated
living immortality
in the blissed-out soul
for eons to come.
 There is a place, a home 
in every pore of my being
Come, find your space, my love!

14 thoughts on “Between-Megha Sood

  1. Megha, you have knitted a beautiful love poem that touches all the feelings that rush through our hearts when in love. Out of this safe space you have knit for the subject of your poem, we all can feel a love that is deep and tender and kind and patient. A beautiful love poem, truly beautiful. — Stephen.

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