Mask and Lace

mask and lace

Standing before him

The Tease

in mask and lace



he begs

as his raw urge

clawed for her

untouched divineness


Blinded by her beauty

and color of her laughter

he lay 

in frenzied want

as she 



tormented her lover

with the prowess

of a seasoned temptress



(Wishing you all a very fun and frisky Friday!)

11 thoughts on “Mask and Lace

  1. Beth, as always a wonderfully frisky poem that certainly speaks to the power a woman can have over a man! As others have written, while the temptress rules her man’s desire, I sense the tender trust and playfulness below the seduction with the line the color of her laughter and that she giggles. This is not about power as much as it is about the play of two lovers, deeply trusting their intimacy to find an intensity of desire I think we can all relate or at least HOPE to relate to!!! Beautiful – Stephen

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