Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC

Credit: Cherisse Kenion via Unsplash

You wear your life there’s proof,

Your face reflects grand truths.

Every moment or memory,

Each thought wandered,

Others don’t know, and will never hear.

Your eyes reveal your years,

You can’t camaflouge them with makeup,

Or dark sunglasses.

The life you’ve lived in the sky of your eyes,

Has moments, experiences that made you wise.

You can try to dust over your time,

But somehow it peeks through.

Wisps of smoke reaching out to yesterday’s years.

With tender love, everyday tasks, piercing pain —

Such confusion, tears of laughter,

Memories altered too.

Memories as the ones we all obscure;

Revise inside to self-soothe.


But don’t hide your face,

You’re radiant despite being wane.

Your life is in your visage, exquisite and rare,

You can’t shed a lifetime,

Not with serums or beauty creams.

Not with foundations or concealers that optically blur;

Botox or fillers can’t hide the life you’ve fared.

It’s authentically yours,

With or without regrets.

You can’t hide behind dyed hair, rouge or lipstick,

Nor pencilled brows and jet-black liner.

Your life carried you and you carried it;

So never be ashamed of yourself,

For in living you thrived and rose through it.


No one can wipe the joy de vivre from your smiles;

Your glossed lips, chapped, wrinkled, and lined.

Your face was once young with rounded cheeks,

Not it beholds cracked crevices from the sun.

You may have age spots, more beauty marks,

Your eyes crinkle no longer smooth tulip petals;

And your laugh lines multiply.

But your blue blue eyes —

Can’t alter the lifetime they reflect.

You wear your life, your joys, your burdens;

And, thus, you are you.


You can’t brush your life’s duration away,

Rub it out with an eraser,

Nor blend it out in an impressionist painting.

Your lifetime is yours, and sometimes — life is tough.

Because all your experiences are engraved:

When life drove and pushed you,

When the world stood still in stark beauty.

When love embraced you,

Escaped you —

And those dreadful nights, only prayer saved you.

Endurances becomes your visage,

You can only wear it — for it’s your lifetime alone.

Your orbs of cerulean, your mischievous smile.

You garb yourself in life,

And your life garbs you too;

It bears you up and you bear it through.

For no one is you, the person you’ve fashioned,

Alive but a wrinkle in time;

A star flaring, glittering brilliantly,

Despite knowing implosion awaits.

So rise through your lifetime,

Elegant child of grace.

Let your sage eyes and worn face,

Weave your collected tales unashamed.


©Mandibelle16.(2018) All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC

  1. Mandi! Really wonderful poem. I have often reflected on how society expects us to mask our aging – as you write with botox or what-not. Wrinkles are the sign of a life lived, they tell one human’s story that is surely full of both the good and the bad memories and all that falls in between. What you have written takes a simple-minded thought like mine and transforms it into something profound in this age of unreasonable standards of beauty and perfection… especially for women. In reality, aren’t those indicators of age merely symbols of a life-lived and therefore a reflection of the great beauty of having lived another day, still upright, still breathing, with more laughter, dancing, tears, and embraces to go? Really wonderful.

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    • Thanks Stephen. I think there’s things we can do to a point, and with good reason. But at sometime we will all be old and wrinkled, more or less. I think moisturizer (skincare) and good sunscreen would help most of us, men or woman in that regard. But I do think we earn our wrinkles and gray hair, even if we hide them, they are marks if survival and pride. I love makeup and skincare, etc. But when your 95 like my Baba, your 95,and makeup etc.. doesn’t change that lol.
      Thanks so much for your comment. Much appreciated.

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      • It reminds me of both the teachings of Buddha and the Stoics like Aurelius: all will age and die. Not meant to be a Smiths moment, but rather a carpe diem: Aurelius writes that the only thing we can possess is the current moment. With good sunscreen well applied may we get many! And with those may we feel free to celebrate the wrinkles of life or paint them with the brightest colors. — Stephen

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