My Salvation-Megha Sood


As I dance till my feet bleed
the sweat pour out of my body
as tears of my soul
I dance till I drop dead

As I sing from my heart
till my voice turns coarse and harsh
and every word, every syllable
touches and turn my
wounds to gold
so pure
I sing till I go mute

As I write my poetry
till my emotions bleed on the
turns it into crimson red
cuts the soul of my readers
till they cry from every pore
I write till my fingers bleed no more

As I open my heart
for you
and let you in
and turn in upside down
shred into bits and pieces
to make a comfy pillow to
rest your head on it
and sleep on it
till all your nightmares
leave your soul like a smoke
I love you till it hurts no more

I Dance,
I Sing,
I Write,
I love like no one you ever know.


29 thoughts on “My Salvation-Megha Sood

  1. “I love like no one you’ve ever known”

    Really wonderful poem that speaks to the passion that drives so many of us writers. Who write until our fingers bleed no more, who open our hearts, who dance until we drop dead. Then the reader listens, and with a kind word gives us life again, gives us blood, a beat of the heart. Wonderful poem, I love it.

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