Ghostly Assault

A memory1

A memory

brushed against skin

muted colors

of days spent

locked in carnal corners

entwined in desires

my body

never thought possible

you painting pleasures

with lip brushes


contrasting those strokes

with hands of power

me lost in

ghostly assault

of fevered love



17 thoughts on “Ghostly Assault

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  2. Excellent, as always, Beth. “Lips like brushes” is a wonderfully soft, sensual image to contrast with the intensity of the passion you write about, “a ghostly assault.” You have crafted an excellent poem that expresses the truth of passion, how it swings from soft lips and ghostly touches to expose the most intense emotions that will rip the passion out of our most sensitive spots in our souls. As if real passion has nothing to do with skin, but what is under the skin and cannot be touched nor really defined, but exists as a tender beast longing for its freedom. Excellent poem.

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  3. Stephen,
    Your comments are always so eloquent, and I am greatly humbled by them. And you are right, passion is under the skin and nothing concrete although we may wish it was at times. I think you have some seeds right there for a poem of your own!


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