At Last, the Sun

I will bed in the sand now

Let the sun blanket me

And watch the gulls

Solitary gulls, one at a time

Taking flight from the sea

Reaching out for the wind

To see where it will take them

Eyes under the surf for treasure

An oyster or a clam or a crab

Awaiting its fate, a meal today

The cycle of life spinning still

After the winter, spring offerings

At last.

At last,

On the soft sand I close my eyes

Take flight like one of those gulls

Solitary in the sun reaching out

The wind taking me as it does

My eyes looking under the surf

For a treasure that awaits me

A meal today, a shell tomorrow

Something to fill up when ready

Something to collect when able

Something to be, at last, at last.

The sun

So warm

Blankets me

In this bed I created.

7 thoughts on “At Last, the Sun

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    • Thank you so much, Dee. While this poem has a certain personal element, intent as do all poems, I do hope readers draw comfort from a long winter, perhaps some comfort from their personal “winters,” and perhaps, just a little, we find comfort from the dark winter that has fallen over our culture and society over these past years. Thank you for reading my poem and the kind feedback.

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