Important Information about Promote Yourself Mondays and Pay It Forward Thursdays

We are really excited about the enthusiastic response we have received to Promote Yourself Mondays and Pay It Forward Thursdays.  We enjoy the diversity of the writing and discovering new talent. The response has been so enthusiastic, in fact, that it has been hard for us to keep up with reading the posts and announcing the weekly Barista Favorite in a timely way.

We have a couple of favors to ask of you.

  • Please make sure that the pieces you are linking to are 600 words or less.
  • Please limit your posting to one link to one piece of writing each week on the Promote Yourself Monday posts. If you post more that one piece of writing, the second post will be deleted. We are sometimes a little more flexible with Pay It Forward Thursdays as the volume of posts is much lower.
  • Please do not post links to recipes! It only makes us hungry and we don’t know how to evaluate a recipe as a piece of writing unless there is an interesting backstory to the recipe or the baking process.
  • Please be aware that we moderate our comments and that sometimes your links do end up in the spam folder. We try to approve your links promptly.  Please do not post your links multiple times if it doesn’t appear immediately. Give us at least an hour to respond.
  • Please do not post the link to the same piece you sent us last week. At best, it gives us a strong sense of deja vu and at worst we start worrying about our failing memories.
  • We have been getting a lot of bad links lately. Please make sure that your browser window is open only to your published piece (not your home page and not in edit mode) when you copy and paste the browser link.
  • If you leave a link, read a link. At least one, preferably more.  The idea is to get us interacting with each other and building a community.

Thank you!

The Go Dog Go Cafe Baristas



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