Concoction-Megha Sood

I’m a keeper of myriad thoughts
a benevolent heart
and jealous mind
my cauldron is brimming
with the concoction
of pure love
with angst and pain
mixed in between
I can be the epitome
of kindness and love
and care that can be
so pure and selfless
my love
yet can be so sublime
Spanning the folklore
and beckoning
and serenading the pain
to the core
You can see the
stains and strains of the
hatred seeping in
deception and betrayal
slowly making their
way within
I’m the pure elixer of the
carnal thoughts
Still, I can leave you with
in your parched self
in your pain and
your self-doubt.
Take a sip or a taste
or gulp it down quickly
all at your own risk
A drop of me can resurrect you
or can burn you from within.
Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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