Barista Favorite: Marooned- Eric Syrdal

The Baristas have chosen their favorite piece of writing from the March 8th Pay It Forward Thursday at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  We are honored to share the Barista Favorite with the GDG community, the poem Marooned by Eric Syrdal who writes at My Sword and Shield.  We highly encourage you to go read more of Eric’s writing.

Complacently we sit here
on this sorrow-soaked sand
and exchange stories of our youth

together, like second-hand soldiers
we watch the tide come in
our arms, laid gently aside
rusting in the brine

while we bicker over
sea dragon sightings and mermaid fins
no white sails appear
beyond that jagged reef

the signal fire
has long since turned to ash
we’ve eaten the flint and steel
and drank the oil

while neither remembers now
who was king and who was pauper

I’ll wear this crown
and you thrown your stones

and we’ll let gravity sort it out

9 thoughts on “Barista Favorite: Marooned- Eric Syrdal

  1. As always you have my most humble thanks for supporting me. It’s as much an honor for me to be here as you feel it is to post it! It truly lifts my heart to be a part of this!


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