Barista Favorite: Foster Child- Angela McClintock

The Baristas have chosen their favorite piece of writing from the March 1st Pay It Forward Thursday at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  We are honored to share the Barista Favorite with the GDG community, the poem Foster Child by Angela McClintock who writes about the things she has seen at Things I Have Seen: Blogging About Real Life.  We highly encourage you to go read more of Angela’s writing.

After the pain

The tears

The cries for momma

You lie in a strange bed

In a strange room

In a strange house

With strangers.

Your mind reaches out for truth

Desperately clawing at memories past

Seeking the answer to your only question

What did I Do?

You were ripped from your mother’s arm

As you screamed out her name

The echoes still reverberating

In your heart.

She didn’t respond

Reach back

Call out to you.

She just kept on sleeping.

The lady was nice

In this strange home.

They told you

you were safe

You would be ok

They would take care of you

The lady was nice

But she was not your mom

You look at the window

Watching the sun sink

Into the horizon

And you knew at that moment

You would never go home.


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